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This firm is lucky to have Mr. Barry LaBoda. He was very kind and helpful during our consultation, and I could talk to him about my mental and physical health without feeling pitied or self conscious, which is a big deal. I was a little confused at the very end of our conversation when he said he would not actually be handling the case and the paperwork sent did not have his name on it, but after speaking to an attorney friend later, I learned this did not necessarily mean he would not be representing me down the line at a hearing. Kelly was also very nice. If you do plan to “hire” this firm for SSDI and are progressively, unpredictably, or very ill or otherwise have difficulties with communication, I would strongly consider having a trusted person involved as the *primary* contact from the start. That way they can scan and send physical paperwork if you are getting care away from your home address from periods of time/keep contact going, follow up on unanswered calls or actually leave a voice message with them/keep track of time or physical mail if you are not able to do so well yourself, because your file may be “closed” and not reopened even if you have informed them you need to hold the process for a surgery etc and engage them at a later date. En lieu of reopening my file after about 6 or so months, I did receive a referral to another extremely qualified attorney.. He has unfortunately passed on a few years back, however I am believing Mr. LaBoda sincerely did not know this. I would still recommend this attorney to others in my position, with these considerations.

Brooke (5 stars)

Culbertson Law Group, We are so thankful for an excellent service that we received during my husband’s disability determination with Social Security Administration. They took care on every single detail needed for the successful outcome. We were informed all the time during the process from start to finish. We recommend this law group 100%!

Nat (5 stars)

All the staff were very helpful. Kelly especially walked me through the Social Security process each step of the way. Would highly recommend this group!

(Maura 5 stars)

I cannot say enough about this firm and their staff. Each one (Including Mr. Culbertson himself) spent lengthy time speaking with me about a case and providing guidance in a situation where it was clear that there would be no financial benefit or otherwise on their end. The time spent was out of the goodness of their hearts and is exemplary of honest people trying to help others. If this is how they treat their clients and run their business, there is no question that I would look no further. I highly recommend this group. Thank you!

Lynda (5 stars)

Not enough words to explain how blessed I am to have found this firm and what they have done to turn my life around for the better! The expertise the professionalism the downright respect and concern for you these people are doing what they do because they genuinely care! Thank you Culbertson for giving me my life back by winning my disability case!

Missy (5 Stars)

Attorneys Jeremy Hays and Sarah Jacobs literally saved our lives by successfully representing my lifelong-disabled daughter in her Federal Appeals case and her new SSA hearing. Thank you a thousand times, you don’t know what this means to us! Jeremy was especially compassionate and really put my daughter at ease for the hearing.. We recommend Culbertson Law Group, they really know what they are doing!

Barbara (5 Stars)

All of the Attorneys at Culbertson Law firm have been absolutely amazing. They’ve been on top of my SSDI case from beginning to end. Each time I called or emailed to check the status, I heard back so fast and everyone has been so pleasant and sweet and not once did I feel like I was a number or rushed. Cassandra in the office is a sweetheart as well! I give them a 10 out of a 10! I highly recommend them to anyone! Also, my SSDI case was denied 3 times and at the hearing level and they gave me the best advice and took my case on since I got to a point I couldn’t do it alone and helped me win in by pointing out things the SSDI judge missed and didn’t look at!

Charlene (5 Stars)

Attorney Jeremy Hays and the entire staff at Culbertson Law Group were outstanding in helping me receive my disability benefits, even after I moved to Florida from another state. I would definitely recommend Culbertson Law Group and Attorney Jeremy Hays to anyone seeking disability benefits. I was even approved BEFORE I appeared before a judge. They are very knowledgeable in their field and good at what they do! Would definitely recommend!

Diana (5 Stars)

They were able to help me win my disability case on my first try with them.

John (5 Stars )

Jeremy Hays at the Culbertson Law Group did an OUTSTANDING job on my son’s case. We had already been denied by the state at 2 levels. That’s when I searched & searched for an experienced lawyer/firm. Since my son has Autism Spectrum Disorder, I searched for months for someone experienced and familiar with the Autism Spectrum. I even used the referral guide from CARD (the local Autism group through UCF). After months of searching without success, I finally decided to pursue the firm that was most “qualified” from the Disability standpoint. That’s when I found Culbertson. With Lawyers that were “Disability Certified”, as well as Lawyers that were awarded successive “Super Lawyer” Titles, I believed I couldn’t go wrong. I didn’t even know about Jeremy yet. Sarah Jacobs met with me initially to do my intake & she was wonderful also. She told me Jeremy would be trying the case with the judge & I would meet with him in a few weeks. Because of COVID 19’s Stay @ Home order, my consultation with Jeremy & the actual trial were conducted over the phone. For those of us with family members with ASD, you know how hard it is to understand and describe some of their behaviors, characteristics, barriers, challenges, tics, quirks, & intense social fears. I could tell immediately that Jeremy was familiar with ASD. When he disclosed that he previously helped care for a family member with ASD, I wept with relief. I knew that would make a difference & it really did. My initial consultation with him lasted over 2 hours & when my son & I both spoke with him to prep for trial, it lasted 3 hours. He was understanding, caring, passionate, & was able to translate my descriptions into questioning & verbage that gave the judge & vocational expert a vivid picture of my son’s challenges regarding typical work settings. I thought my trial testimony was scattered & unfocused. I was not present for my son’s testimony. I was so worried I had ruined everything. Jeremy assured me that we both did good, but I was SHOCKED when he phoned me later that evening to inform me that the judge had approved all parts of the Disability Claim. Needless to say, Jeremy knocked it out of the park & got my son the benefits he deserved. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You”.

Katherine (5 stars)

Sarah Fay took on my review for SS permanent disability when I was loosing all hope after dealing with a “group” that apparently specialized, advertising a 90% average of wins and was doing nothing to assist me. I then met with two other attorneys who referred me to Sarah’s firm. Once she was assigned to me, things started moving. She did an excellent job gathering all pertinent information and putting it in a recap for the hearing with the Judge that was to the point and easy for him to read and discern without him having to dig through the mounds of information. After the first hearing with the Judge, he quickly awarded my fully favorable decision. I have since received my full back pay for 4 years and am awaiting my award letter within the next few days. The stress that I have been under while dealing with this for the past 4 years and wondering if it was all worth it has been resolved! I am now free to move on with my life and have a monthly income for the rest of my life that she fought for. She continuously validated my condition & symptoms telling me I deserved it and she was sure she could get it resolved and she did! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her validation and support. I highly recommend her for anyone that needs to walk through the fire so to speak! She is a true and kind professional. I rarity in the legal field!

Kim ( 5 stars)

There is no better attorney than Sarah Fay. I was looking for an attorney after being denied for the second time by the appeal council. The representation I had at the time advised they could no longer assist me because they didn’t handle cases in federal court. I was becoming very discouraged because once attorneys found out what stage I was at they automatically dismissed me. After contacting her office she asked for my records to review before making a decision unlike other attorneys. After reviewing my records she immediately accepted my case and immediately filed papers in federal court on my behalf. Sarah stood by me for almost three years keeping me up to date and always there if I needed anything. We received a favorable decision from federal court after about a year or so remanding the case back for an administrative law hearing. We still had to wait another year before that hearing came which she believed to be favorable. Unfortunately for me though the judge who was presiding over my case his office was extremely slow it took almost 90 days for a decision and then sometime before Social Security gave me my benefits. But through the entire process from the date she accepted my case until I this day even after receiving my benefits she has been there for any and all questions or concerns that I had. I would recommend her to anyone going through the process.

Angel ( 5 stars)

I came to this law group after making the rounds reaching out to other Disability attorneys, with a very complicated situation. Even the big name firm who’s all over Orlando billboards & TV told me they couldn’t help me. I was overwhelmed & felt abandoned. But Sarah Fay was recommended to me by Florida Legal Services, so I contacted her. Everyone in the office was very kind. When I met with Ms Fay, she did a thorough interview & came up with a logical solution that demonstrated her thorough knowledge of Disability Law. And she was able to share her optimism with me. I left that first meeting with a smile & my first glimmer of hope. Throughout the entire process she kept me informed, even giving me realistic expectations of each step. Long story short, we won! From the moment Ms Fay took my case, things moved quickly (well, quickly for a government decision). If you need a good Disability lawyer, look no further than Culbertson Law Group. You will be glad you did!

Karen (5 stars)

Got approved during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was denied twice before to receive social security disability benefits. Attorney Jeremy Hays handle my case. Day before the hearing he called, we had an excellent conversation over the phone. Mr. Hays was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Most of all, he was very familiar with my medical conditions. In the era we are living, it is hard to find experienced and compassionate legal professionals with a drive to help their clients. We had the hearing over the phone because of COVID-19. Attorney Jeremy called me shortly after the hearing about next steps, it was another great conversation. And in less than 4 weeks, got approved. Don’t look for another Law Firm to handle your case, call Culbertson Law Group. You will not regret it!

Arelis (5 stars)

We are so pleased with the way my son’s Social Security Disability case was handled by the Culbertson Law firm. Working with Jeremy Hays was a pleasure. He was kind, understanding, informed, diligent and responsive to our inquiries. He prepared my son for the hearing with two separate phone calls. The hearing was conducted by telephone due to Covid 19. As soon as the hearing was over Jeremy called and told us how he felt the hearing went and what to expect next. In less than two weeks we learned that the judge had ruled favorably! We couldn’t have had a better experience and result!

Janet (5 stars)

I had been dealing with the disability drama since August of 2013, and just kept being denied…all the way to ALJ hearing. My attorney at that time literally walked away from me after the hearing and never looked back. I found a new attorney that referred me to Culbertson law group to take my case on to the Federal level. This was the best thing to happen to me during my journey towards getting approved for disability. They won my case for me; approved all the way back to August 2013! The Social Security Disability process can be extremely stressful and it can take years. Do yourself a big favor and contact Culbertson Law Group.

Leslie (5 stars)

I was lost and felt alone while I was in the Hospital for literally 6 weeks, life support for 2 days. The Drs determined that I needed to apply for SSI. AFTER, SOME COMPLICATIONS, WITH SSI, I reached out to Culbertson Law Firm. It warms my heart to say that I they helped and under a mere 4 weeks, I am now getting what I need financially. Not only are they kind and considerate of others, their compassion to help is a huge blessing! You won’t be disappointed when you call Culbertson Law. Thank you Kelly and Staff!

Pepper (5 stars)

Sarah Fay made herself available to me a couple of times over the past year to help me answer questions I had regarding Social Security Disability. Sarah was well prepared and very clear in her explanations on the matters we were discussing. I found her extremely helpful and well informed. Sarah made my day when she was able to breakdown the issues and provide me the direction I needed. She did a great job and I’m very thankful!

George (5 stars)

Disability claims are a very complex process. Richard Culbertson has a great grasp on how to compel the social security administration and the courts to approve your application. Professional, knowledgeable and determined. That’s what Richard Culbertson will bring to you in getting your case approved, and that’s what you need. Thank you again Mr. Culbertson for all of your help.

Peter Zicky (5 stars)

Very honest, concerned, genuinely interested and understanding and respectful of what you are going through in disability filing process. Excellent staff. Mr. Culbertson himself called me and he was prompt and worked diligently on my case. Kelly Santiago Paralegal is also a very professional proactive bonus to the team.

Missy (5 stars)

I didn’t know where to turn to after my bad experience with a law firm I had hired prior. I called Culbertson Law Group and Attorney Jeremy Hays was with me from day one. Status updates every month. I appreciate he took that time to keep me in the loop. After years my anguish had come to a very great outcome thanks to attorney Hays. This firm. The whole staff. KUDOS!!!! Thank you again.

Adrian (5 stars)

Excellent lawyer I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a disability lawyer never had any problems at all everything was very smooth and they were on top of everything from the very start. Thank you for helping me win my case.

Ray Ray (5 stars)

Sarah Fay took over my Social Security case and put me at ease with her preparedness. She went over what to expect with the Hearing process so that I was confident and prepared. She did a fantastic job!

Tom D. Horn (5 stars)

Although Sarah wasn’t able to take over my case, she spent time with me giving me advice and options on how to move forward elsewhere. She didn’t have to do that but did, which is greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend her.

Shawn (5 stars)

Great Lawyers for Disability cases

Steven (5 stars)

Professional, Efficient and all around good people.

Christine (5 stars)

Very nice! And Understanding Lawyer won my disability case thank you.

Lainey Colon (5 stars)